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We have been providing a professional service since 2000

Permeating throughout Amserve is a very strong customer centricity. Every aspect of this company and every business decision is based around what is good for Customers in the long-term.

Amserve sees good customer service as much more than just providing a reliable, high quality product that is delivered on time. “We believe that we have to add value to all our business relationships, irrespective of whether that value is related to our product or not” says Andrew Wilmot, MD of Amserve. “If we don’t add value there will be no long-term relationship.”

The way in which this unique company adds value is to see their Customers problems as their own. “If a Customer has a problem, regardless of whether it is related to one of our deliveries or a competitor’s deliveries, we assist them where we can,” says Andrew Wilmot. “The reason for this is simple. The stronger we can help our Customers become, the stronger we also become.”

This ethos is so strongly embedded within Amserve that they are constantly looking for ways to benefit their customers. “If we know that they can do something more efficiently though the use of new technology, a new chemical or even through good practices, then we will certainly share that with our Customers,” says Andrew Wilmot. “And we will help to facilitate that change in their business.”

Part of keeping Amserve fast and light on its feet is their strategy of working closely with outsource Partners who are specialists in their particular fields. “We don’t for example have our own fleet of trucks sitting around for part of the month,” says Andrew Wilmot. “We would much rather use transporters, renowned for their integrity and best efforts, who are fully utilizing their rigs even if this is transporting cabbages during the quiet times. In this way we are able to focus on our core activities while our transport Partners add high levels of efficient service to our product offerings.”

All outsource Partners are carefully chosen to reflect the integrity and ethos of Amserve since they play a very important role in assisting this remarkable company in achieving meaningful, long-term relationships with their Clients.

The Amserve VIsion

To strive to always be our Customers’ long-term supply partner of choice, through always being the quiet but dependable strength behind our Customers supplies

The Amserve Mission

To always be able to offer our customers dependable and cost-effective solutions, even outside our main product offerings – the stronger we can help our customers become, the stronger we are
To always provide a stimulating and regarding envionment to enable our people to excel and grow with pride and innovation

To generate good EVA returns through cost-effiencies, dedication, innovation and value adding solutions

Amserve’s Five Core Values – underpinning our growth and long-term relationships

Customer centricity – the reason for our existence and success
Professionalism and Integrity – always
A bias for action and innovation – do it better, now!
Frugality – best cost/EVA
Pride and Fun – walk tall, with a zest for life

Amserve’s Social Commitments

To play a positive role in supporting the development of our less privileged youngsters
To support the good efforts of our environmental and heritage guardians

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Telephone: +27 11 465 0018
Fax: +27 11 467 2878
Email: info@amserve.co.za

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