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“Quietly supporting our Customers with cost effective and reliable supplies since 2000”

 Amserve Chemicals is a specialised product distributor. Operating primarily in Southern Africa since 2000, our philosophy of utilizing our Principals’ “global” strengths combined with The Amserve Team’s “local” knowledge, we work hard to ensure that our Customers benefit from our “Global Strengths, Working Locally” discipline.

Whilst continuously developing strong Brand positioning for the various products owned by our Global Producers (our Principals), Amserve continuously focuses on building strong, long-term and reliable Customer relationships.

The many Products and Applications of our Global Producers have ensured that, over many years, Amserve has developed a detailed understanding of many industries and their supply requirements.


01 Adhesives

02 Agricultural (Agrochemicals)

03 Concrete

04 Detergent

05 Explosive

06 Fertilizers

07 Fine Chemicals

08 Food

09 General Industrial

10 Glass, Mining

11 Ceramics

12 Paints

13 Water Treatment

14 General Manufacturing

15 Pharmaceutical

16 Plastics

17 Pulp and Paper

18 Resins

19 Rubber


NEW! Super Ultrafine Reactive Calcium Carbonate Granules now available.

Don’t let your high productivity gains get tripped up with slow soil neutralization – use AGRI CAL Granules for fast reacting and efficient alkalinity replacement!

With the local availability of our High Performance Agri Cal (Calcitic ,B5548), Agri Cal-Sul (Gypsum, B5547) and Agri Cal-Mag (Dolomitic, B5549) Granules**, High Productivity Grain Farmers can now include critical Calcium (and Magnesium and Sulphur combinations) in their priority fi rst tier planning and NPK nutrient applications.

AGRI CAL – Helping ensure new cost-eff ective options for:

  • Early pH optimization of the planned crop’s productive root zone.
  • Critical plant access to Calcium for healthy root growth.
  • Optimised NPK nutrient utility.
  • Early alkalinity reserves to help prevent sub and deep soil acidity development.
  • Early and Cost-eff ective sub-soil acidity neutralisation where required (to allow deeper root access to additional moisture and nutrient reserves, especially during dry weather stress).

**2-4mm Coated Granules, designed for quick degranulation and early reactivity in moist soils. Our granules are made from Super Ultrafine powders, agglomerated for easy handling and application.

Agri Cal (Calcitic Granule)

Agri Cal-Sul (Gypsum Granule)

Agri Cal-Mag (Dolomitic Granule)


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Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings – Major producer and global supplier of polymers, including Polypropylene, Polyethylene and the Polycarbonate/phenol chain

Produces chlor-alkali products, epichlorohydrin, epoxy resins, phosphates and sulphites serving multiple industries.

Located in western Colorado, Natural Soda is the second largest producer of sodium bicarbonate in North America for the Food and Baking, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical, Animal Nutrition and Agriculture, Pool and Water Treatment, and Industrial markets

Searles Valley Minerals provides customers worldwide with soda ash, sodium sulfate and boron minerals from the deserts of the Western USA

Scoieta Chimica Larderello s.p.a – manufacturer of High Purity Boric Acid and Speciality Boron Products since 1941

Prasol is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and supplier to the chemical, pharmaceuticals and lubricant oil additive markets, since 1992

Freeflow Additives and coatings


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